Mike Gingell


Mike Gingell is the chief instructor at Grange Judo Club and is a 6th Dan qualified coach/instructor registered with the International Martial Arts Federation - Europe. He is also the President of the UK branch. He started Judo around 50 years ago, but during this time has also graded in Ju Jutsu (5th Dan) and Aikido (1st Dan). Mike believes in the old style of Judo which teaches all the techniques developed by the founder of Judo, Jigori Kano, even though some of them are not taught any more.



Graham Briggs

                                             graham 2


Graham Briggs is a senior instructor at the club and is a 3rd Dan qualified coach/instructor registered with IMAF-Europe. He is also Vice President of IMAF-Europe-UK. Graham is also a 1st Dan in Iaido.


Eric Cranson





Eric Cranson is also a senior coach/instructor at the club and is a 2nd Dan with the BJA. Eric is also a BJA qualified refferree



Ian Gingell





Ian Gingell is a club instrucror and is a1st Dan. Ian helps on our Special Needs Class



Ryan Harland-Smith




Ryan Harland-Smith is an assistant instructor and is a 1st Dan. Ryan helps the instructors on the junior mats as well as the Special Needs class.